How To Do Self-Inquiry

By Leo Gura - December 24, 2018 | 4 Comments

Explaining the technique of self-inquiry and its common traps

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Daniel says:

Leo I play a lot of Snooker. Can the game of Snooker be a practise for meditation? I remember one episode that you said that you driver around Vegas at night as a way of doing meditation.

I self inquiry good also with the lights off, doing it in pitch black with your eyes open?

Mayur says:

This episode fits in so well with me.
Verry effective, it’s like a map that will help me to come back home.

I will take it as a X’mas gift
Thank you so much !

Tedens says:

Wanna enlightenment, detach excitement.

Jimmy Feiling says:

“To do only what has been done before is to live in the shadow of someone else” -Chandrika Ravi

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