How To Become Decisive

By Leo Gura - July 5, 2022 | 3 Comments

The causes of indecisiveness and how get over them

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Max Raoy Gron says:

I don’t want to “change my life”, what I want is merely, solely and only tips on how to succeed in the same life better, kind of sounds weird putting it like that, it’s about preservation, not destruction of my old life, it’s also about an acceptable version of me, when there wasn’t freaking out of “the old me”, like when I was 34, without it having any freaking out, let’s face it, they’re not used to my 25-, 26-, or 27-year-old me the way I was back then, only the 34-year-old me when I matured since I was a Puritan, and what this has to do with decisiveness is the whole thing, everything and more, I should decide on this identity of difficulty and specificity and not any other identity, only to sidestep the bullshit, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about fixing the bullshit because the sate of the world right now is bullshit, it’s the same branding of pessimism only a different pessimistic flavour as a Kierkegaardian, not the other way around, that’s why I’m at the climactic level of deciding right now as a man before it’s too late and sink into a woman.

Max the shithead says:

All this is pseudo-spiritual appropriation, and misappropriation with the few-hundred-dollar course, without projecting, there’s one diversity I dared to take, to, after two years and a half of this website, make changes in my life, I mean that old self of low consciousness from two years ago was gone for a long time, everyone thinks consciousness I have little of, not conscious, but I think the dial is still at 999, at most, I’m not that much of a conscious guy, I think that consciousness is caused by more thinking, more meditation, and drugs, as Leo briefly referred to. The many facets of awakening told me these things, the paradox of his uncaused cause, that drugs will do it, so it’s caused, consciousness is caused by drugs. But to be frank I think drugs don’t increase your consciousness, they put you to sleep and in a dizzy state, there’s absolutely no need to fight this, that is, the war on drugs, but I think in this spiritual journey my consciousness is uncaused, but somewhat caused by contemplations and enlightenment, if putting a gun to my mouth is love and everything dies with me and my love, I may as well shoot myself in the mouth and see you in the spiritual plane.

Max Gron says:

I decided the trajectory I’m on after some contemplation, I’m satisfied with it, as for something higher, I let that go, I’m on to the good life, my beliefs don’t define me, but as for the hero’s journey, I’ll pass on that call, living ordinary life. My top values are money, health, wine, and tobacco, since this is all I care about, I’ll have a better time living annoying life like there’s no tomorrow, my decisions are simply to run a peaceful life, without stirring the pot and annoying like a child. The best decisions I made in my life are: writing, doing nothing and sleeping, almost everything else is the worst decisions in my life.

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