How Socialization Makes You Stupid

By Leo Gura - September 14, 2022 | 2 Comments

The problems with conformity and group-think

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Max Gron says:

I don’t know who this video’s talking about, probably conformists, do you think I’m a conformist? P’lease! I don’t take conformity as a belief, any philosophy of it is bullshit, most people think in terms of God and religion, that doesn’t mean I’m conforming, I tend to do certain things wrong, I admit when I’m wrong, the problem is people don’t admit it to themselves. As for conformity I’m up for non-conformity, why shouldn’t I change?

Max Gron says:

Being wise and loving, intelligent, yeh, that makes sense. I think Donald Trump’s intelligent, he has loving intentions, he’s not the one hating, but you’re not going to get intelligence with your argument, you’re going to start wars, somebody might hurt you making up your own brain, yes it’s going to work, everything is relative. It’s only too true that intelligent means you understand. My intelligence was never the dumb one, it was always sageness and began with love until people drove me to hate. Everyone puts me down and makes me feel stupid. I mix this intelligence with knowledge, and it’s not stupid things like learning I want, I wanted to already know.

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