How To Use Psychedelics For Personal Development

By Leo Gura - August 8, 2016 | 17 Comments

Key guidelines for using psychedelics safely for personal growth.

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Adrian says:

I was surprised that you don’t consider THC a psychedelic. Do you believe it cannot be used effectively for enlightenment work?

Ethan says:

THC is not a psychedelic. It can certainly be both beneficial and used for enlightenment work, but it’s a different class of drug.

Ronney says:


Craig says:


Unfolder says:

Leo, what do you think about Salvia?

Leo Gura says:

I haven’t tried it yet. It definitely has potential, but it can also be pretty intense for many people. I don’t like the fact that it robs you of motor functions, which can be dangerous.

My guess is, there are better alternatives.

Unfolder says:

Well, in my humble opinion, there is no alternative for Salvia Divinorum. It owns a whole category to itself. Where LSD, Mushrooms, Mescaline and DMT have somewhat comparable effects, Salvia is totally different and the absolute weirdest thing I have ever experienced. It’s like Neo waking up from the matrix, seeing the truth that lies beyond this dream called life. This doesn’t mean I think it’s a very useful tool for selfrealisation, but I was just curious if you have experienced it and what your thoughts on it were. Thanks Leo, appreciated!!

G says:

Once again, this comes at the perfect time as I prepare for incorporating psychedelics in to my ongoing practice and inner work. I’m interested if you have any tips on setting intentions for a sitting. I’m wanting a balance of “surrender to what I need” however realise that is very ego-based and am aware of that very illusion (ie there is no “I” to need an experience). Thanks.

Jane Love says:

I am absolutely horrified that you are recommending that people (you know not who) take psychedelic drugs. This can only (mostly) lead to life-long suffering. You have revealed yourself as being on the worst possible path encouraging others also to take the worst possible path. I cannot believe that you are speaking the words you are speaking.

Sevi says:

Hi Jane,

Every of us are in a different state or level in our evolutionary journey. Wouldn’t it be nicer to give a little more credit to a person who has already proven himself? Since he is doing his best to serve and help people through his knowledge and personal life experience.

Leo Gura says:

You’re horrified because you haven’t researched this subject much at all, and have no first-hand experiences.

So your reaction is ideological.

If you do the research, you will discover the many clinically proven benefits of psychedelics that you were never taught in school. School was an indoctrination program against psychedelics, which is totally unscientific and false. It’s actually a crime against your humanity. Because these substances were used in many spiritual traditions around the world for thousands of years.

So bottom line: open your mind and do the research. If you do, you’ll discover something absolutely amazing that’s been missing from your life. Then you’ll come back here one day tell me, “Leo! I found God!!! I found infinite love!!!” And I’ll be like, “What took you so long, silly?”

Laszlo Leka says:

It’s worth reading the book Island by A. Huxley. In this book Huxley creates a utopian society on a secluded island where, amongst many currently socially unacceptable things, the usage of mushrooms for revealing what’s hidden from (or more like by) the mind is the norm. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I am positive it is not harmful if used carefully.

Nunzia says:

Salvia! Hey , wait that shit is grown in my flower garden. I love that plant. I didn’t know it was smokable.


Its an awesome video. Great insight Leo. Your resources and teachable suggestions are profound. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I do admire how you went into great detail explaining to be cautious and study anything throughly before taking any substance that alters the minds perception. So job well done.

Your mind must be equipped, grounded and strong. You cleared up a lot of stuff up for me. Thanks.

Jake says:

Hey Leo, forgive my for my naiveness about this topic, but i suppose i would be fooling myself if i wasn’t in the slightest bit skeptical.
Upon beginning my study into enlightenment, i have heard many stories from indian gurus and holy men about these naturally hallucinatory experiences that come from higher states of consciousness (not drug induced), and becoming a near vegetable and put into mental institutions, labelled as schizophrenics. It is probably an egoic fear, but are these stories true? and if so shouldn’t i be concerned about devoting all my time to end up disconnected from reality and living in a mental institution? From my current perspective, it doesn’t seem too inviting to put so much work into something that could possibly lead to bad things? After all we cant really know what enlightenment is like until we are there? i understand how ridiculous this comment may sound but just thought id cover all bases before deciding that this is the right path for me. Maybe you can shed some light on this fear of diving into the unknown?

Would love to hear from you!

Purusha says:

Hi there Leo, I enjoy a lot of the words coming out of you mouth. Thanks Brother! Been experimenting with some inner travelling in the Float tank during the last 30 years. Ever tried psychedelics in the isolation chamber? Nothing to distract you in there you know,,,,,,,,,

neil byrne says:

instead of watching the news ya should watch teletubies and pokemon all week before ya do some lsd, id love to meet picachu ina trip

Steven says:

Thank you for the detailed evaluation of this topic. My 50 years of experience verifies the accuracy of your words. This is the informative instructional knowledge that has been missing since the 60’s when the kids first got into the medicine cabinet without the “doctors” consent.

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