Explicit vs Implicit Understanding

By Leo Gura - February 10, 2020 | 9 Comments

What is understanding? How does it work?

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Ammar says:

I think that life is one of the most mysterious phenomenons. It is very hard to understand it if understanding means fully developed or clearly expressed. How can one fully develop and clearly express life? Great topic to research and understand.

Robert says:

Every phenomenon is misterious, only that life is the most intricated amongst all. It is the most evolved one in the whole Universe.

Robert says:

Science and mysticism is like the two wings of a bird, which can not fly with only one, no mather how strong and well shaped is that one wing.

Joel Tepper says:

Take any behavior–playing a song on the piano, for example. Realize the infinite processes of implicit understanding that is required and the infinite difficulties of trying to explicate them.

Max Gron says:

No, materialism isn’t patently false, what you’re saying is patently false, reality’s physical, and there’s only several trillion things in the multiverse, it’s not infinite, only the will to invent has an infinite number of different ways to do it because you can invent forever and there will still be new inventions. Pi isn’t infinite, they figured it out a long time ago, it’s a certain number and can’t be infinite, and there can’t be infinite numbers otherwise everything will be a number, there’s only a certain number of numbers. Your psychology is nonsense and therefore it’s not worth doing, you’re a bullshit artist, none of this stuff is possible.

Frecher Dachs says:

You can tell yourself an infinite amount of stories, that’s for sure.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I’m not buying into your conformity to popular YouTube beliefs, there isn’t an infinite amount of numbers, there’s more things than there are numbers. There’s trillions of things in the entire multiverse, materialism isn’t patently false and I could’ve been a physicalist and not some believer because one man decided impossible nonsense is true, I’m not buying it but I’m not buying into it not being possible either. It’s as Leo said, there’s hundreds of different types of subatomic particles. You can only go as far as strings to realise that everything is made of pieces put together. I’m not going to be sceptical or cynical of Leo but I can’t buy into the bullshit. I’m not telling stories, we live in a material universe. Your religion’s made of atoms, your words are made of atoms, why should the world be symbolic? You’re wrong. And I’m trying to prove that natural things are as real as your hair follicles. Why should I be wrong because you believe this bullshit because Leo said so!!!? It’s false! I’m right and you’re wrong, I’m smart and you’re dumb and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Of the problem with science I’m not getting tied in your defensiveness against science which has proved you wrong. The problem is religious people won’t admit they’re wrong, science has proved you wrong and you won’t admit you’re wrong, that’s the problem.
I don’t need a loving multiverse, I need a hard-boiled scientific endeavour, being tied into materialist science. Both science and religion, as with Galileo. I just need a college education and be smart that way. Science isn’t sex, you can probe into nature with science and use inquiry. But I see no point of religious belief other than history’s wars over false religion. If it gets you burned at the stake it’s false.
I know when a woman’s happy, she smiles when you’re feeling down, when you’re hurt she smiles, women are so cute it’s unbelievable. They go the extra mile to be cute, it’s the way they look. My mother’s cute, she looks like a huggable mother. A girl is a cutie, that’s the bottom line, and there’s reason to do what Leo says.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Extrasensory perception? I thought my perception was active in my senses, for something to exist somebody “saw” or “felt” it, in this infinity nonsense anything can happen, a world of magical elves. Reality is magical, how is it possible that an animal moves at will? Reality is filled with things no man thinks is possible, e.g. the perfectionists are impossible people but here it is, sure it’s perfect but wonderful it’s not, it makes life difficult. When I talk of perfection I mean being treated like an equal. Normal is the new perfection, perfection is the new equality. Implicit understanding of a thing can very well be measured by science. Of faith in a thing you’re assuming there’s a god, your god is based on family or friends who gave that belief to you. I never proved a vision autistically with science, but you act as if spirituality is above science. Wrong, science is knowing everything, it’s as simple as grocking its empirical evidence, not the mystical imagination. If you think you’re transcending science you’re not, science can’t help you if you don’t believe science, like Tinkerbell science dims its light because you don’t believe in science.

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