Everyone Acts From Good Intentions

By Leo Gura - August 23, 2021 | 3 Comments

Understanding goodness flows through all human actors

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Max Gron says:

I see this meta-intellectual philosophy of ethics of yours is about love behind our limited good intentions, it’s a pity how you can die for caring so much about grinding those other people to the dust, but isn’t it hypocritical when you hate the materialists and ideologists yourself?

Max Gron says:

Now you know what people mean when they say you make words up. Rather than good intentions you have true intentions, you think everything you say and believe is always true non-stop, some people always have clownish intentions and some people even once have cruel intentions. Isn’t it suspicious that you don’t believe in made up words yet you make them up? Admit it, all your life you believed in things wrong.

Max Gron says:

I discovered there’s two of me in one body: my mind and my spirit, therefore I have two selves. Why is everything not oneself? Do people hate selves so they even hate not people, but their selves? Screw all that, I love myself, it should be selfishly about myself.

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