Dropping The Roles You Play

By Leo Gura - February 13, 2017 | 11 Comments

A list of the most common roles people play


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Peace and Love says:

Oh shit Leo!!! You caught me! Lol

Wow, just wow this really hit deep in my heart and my subconscious mind. This definitely is a button pusher and brings your insecurities right to the surface to be faced head on!

I definitely have more than three roles that I play on a regular basis. And I absolutely loved the worksheet. I felt like I was being seriously psycho-analyzed. You had some serious questions that just made my jaw hit the floor!!! Especially the one about how these roles play out deep psychological needs and limiting your growth in consciousness.

I do have a few questions though. I’m not sure if it’s better to ask here or in the forum. Just let me know and I can repost there if you want.

Where does this tie into my life purpose? A purpose usually entails some type of role you play to help society, mankind, the world. Is a life purpose considered an authentic personality and value?

Are all roles detrimental? I’m a healer and although it ties into my life purpose it also is helping me to go after the Ultimate Life Purpose, Enlightenment.

What if the role is a passion? What if the role made you a better person than you were before? I could drop the role as a healer and just think of things as just actions, or just being.

I know the roles aren’t everything because I’m an infinite being. The roles are ever changing as a part of growth and obtaining enlightenment.

I will tell you I felt a huge release when I dropped the roles while doing deep reflection. I just felt this huge emotional release. I felt freedom! I felt liberated!

Thanks again for all the work you do! This video was short and sweet!

Btw, I went through the goth, death metal, fetish phase in my early 20’s and I grew out of that rather quickly. As a healer I naturally pick up on energy fluctuations. I don’t like the energy vibrations I feel from the music that’s for sure. I actually felt a depletion in my energy from the sound frequency, and the negative lyrics, especially the demonic stuff. I would get physically tired, and my ears would hurt. I had a change in my mood, that most people would not normally recognize unless attuned to energy. I did notice it before becoming a reiki practitioner but the weeks I had attunements energy it was almost intolerable.

Connie says:

I agree with the role-playing. My role-playing is a codependent. The trouble is in order to drop it it has so many vines in so many areas it is hard to pull out.It seems the harder I try to pull out of it the more vines come down to choke me I would like to drop this crazy habit because once I get out of these toxic relationships I’m right back in another one. The trouble is I can see me from above and it seems so stupid but I just can’t seem to stop it. It’s that people pleaser thing going on and hinging my happiness on what other people can do for me. There again that selfish person but I soon realize that most people have so much going on to try to please themselves they don’t get around to me. It’s just the promises they give that I still believe that are so wack and that’s their role I suppose.

Di says:

Leo, I need some help? Please read and see if you have any advice for me.

Im 58, I knowmy own choices in life have lead me to bad health, no security Finically. I no what being a victim is. From rape and having gone through cancer. I am a victor. Once menopause hit I literally became some one I don’t even know. Yet that too will pass. I am physically pretty beat up and struggling. As my doctor put it in broken English “you look so young and healthy on outside. But inside u a mess like 105 year old woman”. Then just laughs. It was sad and very funny at the same time.

I use to love my life and who I was. My bad choices took that away. Instead of retirement and traveling world as I wanted. Now I have no idea how to rebuild myself. Something in the past I have always done. Unfortunately one of bad choices was getting loans owned by the us department of education at age 49 so I could rebuild a new life re invent myself for a new purpose.

I only borrowed $7k I didn’t finish getting an education as I got ill. That loan is in default now and that $7k is over $150k and growing.

Look up peopl on utube for Sallie Mae loans.

I literally sold my freedom. No credit ever again, no inheritance, never will be able to catch up. It’s the IRS and they don’t and will not negotiate any thing reasonable to allow me to right a wrong.

I’m only aloud to make $750.00 a month before taxes, SS etc.. if I Mary it becomes my partners responsibility. It is killing me inside. I stay in hiding as they will not allow me to make payments I can afford. At one point Sallie Mae had their own suciside hot line. Even if I could make payments 20 years before they will dismiss it. I may not even live that and if I do I will be living in the streets to make the payments their asking for.. even attorneys have turned down taking a case as soon as they hear Sallie Mae. I’m not able to rent a car or even an apartment.

It’s is my fault yet this is crooked as it can be. But Leo it’s destroying me. I want to go finish a degree. Pay them a reasonable amount but The us department of education will not allow me too.

Your are seriously the most intelligent person I’ve listed to at such a young age.

How do I become free again and self sufficient in all aspects of my life? I’m a salve to this issue.

Thank you for your time. I’m very grateful

Di. 940-231-7465. HELP PLEASE

Ben says:

So Leo,

I’ve carried around an intellectual understanding of the notion that the ego is illusory, but it’s only up until very recently that I experienced it qualitatively. Now that I see passed the ego, I’m faced with a new problem: I don’t know what I am now. I’f I’m not this collection of definitions, than what am I Leo?

Ben says:

Past. Not passed.

Ben says:

Then. Not than. I should really proof read my shit.

Leo Gura says:

You haven’t really seen through anything yet. It takes a lot of work to deconstruct the self.

To know what you REALLY are, is enlightenment.

Vanessa says:

Hey Leo,

Just wanted to give you a quick but very sincere thank you for all your hard work and kick ass delivery and teaching/sharing methodology! I started my journey to a self actualized life a few years back at Bryon Katie’s school for The Work. Your videos and worksheets help me follow my footsteps. A million thank yous.

Andrea says:

This is an awesome video. It helped me with Identity issues.

marco says:

you should have added ‘the actualized one’

Jim feiling says:

What is meant by the wounded bird role i dont think i understand?

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