Correcting The Stigma Of Psychedelics - Part 2

By Leo Gura - October 16, 2017 | 3 Comments

Exploring Western society’s dysfunctional attitude towards psychedelics


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outlandish says:


Thomas says:

very inspiring view on the future of psychedelics, awesome how you think about that.
2 weeks ago my buddy and I for the first time did 5meo here in Holland. We had a shaman from Mexico and we smoked the bufo alvarius. From zero to infinity in about 5 seconds! Very very profound experience. Overwhelming really, maybe a little different from how you describe your experience with synthetical 5meo.

Thanks for sharing Leo, otherwise we probably would never have tried it or even known about it. I am continuing the psychedelics path, recently tried ayahuasca and also growing my own mushrooms.

Thank you thank you for spreading the word on psychedelics, forever grateful Thomas

As often,,as I watch this video’s,I think of Leo,,trying to come into the “Cave”(Plato’s Allegory of the Cave)..and educate!,keep at it..Thanks always

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