Conscious Politics - Part 4

By Leo Gura - August 5, 2019 | 3 Comments

Over 100 specific policy proposals

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Klaus says:

Hello Leo,
Thank you for those insights and a lot of great ideas how politics can be improved.

There was just one thing where I cannot share your opinion. I think copyright and patents should be dropped at all, because every new invention development it’s only to get aware of something which was always around. So how can someone claim a right for a development or invention? I am leaving since 3 years in Asia intellectual property has no value. This is one of the reasons why Asia is growing so much faster than the rest of the world, especially the Western world. I think copyright, intellectual property are a fallacy and a burden for Technical and intellectual growth.

The other thing which ran a little short was, how this will be good for the entire world and the universe. I think most of it is quiet US centered and selfish, and not selfless. But at least I can see that this lays the foundation for selfless politics for later generations.

clem says:

Thanks Leo,
Your four part series on conscious politics has done a fantastic job of identifying/analyzing the root causes of social/economic injustice that hold us in bondage to a fear based survival mentality. Accepting “What Is,” is the first step in waking up. The problem I have is focusing on the next step of how to take responsibility to make change happen. You describe a dysfunctional controlling two party system that slavishly serves corporate power but have few differences on major issues of imperialism, unfettered capitalism destroying the earth, and mass media manipulation. After presenting all this evidence that proves that the American political system is not salvageable, your proposed solution of getting more involved by voting in the failed corrupt system and reforming it from the inside out is questionable/contradictory. It is painfully evident that the ruling elites have no intention or motivation to change and they will viciously defend their kingdoms. History has proven that all meaningful resistance to domination takes place outside of the formal political structures. Change comes when the people get fed up with the mounting human misery and pressure the politicians by stepping outside the manipulated voting system in mass. This is the only strategic solution that makes the ruling elites afraid. When people end their participation in the fixed political quagmire in a mass uprising, we see results; most recently in Puerto Rico. Subconsciously the collective knows that starting over is the answer. We will bring about transformational evolutionary change to our social/economic systems by ending support of corporate power and establishing a fair and just democratic system of governance based on socialist principles. The uncertainty of this dramatic solution succeeding must be weighed against the certainty of our civilization and the globe being destroyed by human greed. Any willingness to disrupt the short term comforts of the status quo is yet to be seen. One thing for sure; the leadership in Washington is in chaos, the arctic is melting, and we have very little time left.
Be well

Harish says:

Hi Leo,

Thank you for this excellent, much needed and relevant four part series on Conscious Politics. As you have pointed out, it turns out that not only are many conservatives ideologically blinded by their stubborn belief in “government is the problem,” but they often turn out to be major beneficiaries of government policies themselves.

There is more at work though than just ideology – although it is a major part of the problem. There is an interesting study called “The Submerged State,” by Suzanne Mettler of Cornell University, a sociologist. She shows that there has been a change from direct, visible subsidies to indirect ones where private institutions providing the service are actually heavily subsidized by government. However, due to the nature of these “hidden subsidies,” people assume it’s not the government that is actually funding the programs. This has led to people demonizing the government while at the same time, often unknowingly, benefiting from it. The combination of ideology, corporate propaganda against government, and a population that unknowingly benefits from “hidden” government policy has led to a paradoxical situation.


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