Becoming God - Retreat Conclusion

By Leo Gura - April 4, 2019 | 8 Comments

My insights after 29 days of solo isolation and 13 back-to-back awakenings

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Martin Halter says:

Woah…Leo! absolutely FANTASTIC! All comes together! Thank you very much for your insight and sharing this with us! I am happy for you! Great, the way you explain and list all your experiences and ‘knowledge’. Your video comes at the right moment for me; just had a ‘heavy’ ego backlash.
Fascinating, how science, ‘spirituality’, philosophy, ‘religion’, all leads in the same direction…I always had the feeling that mankind’s way of explaining god was way to abstract and distant! Having read, listened to many talks and attending several workshops about ‘your’ subjects I very much appreciate your clear and direct approaches in your videos! Thank you!

Mayur says:

Welcome back Leo Tzu

Jo says:

Hi Leo, I have been waiting for that video. It was lovely seeing you so emotional, I felt it and cried with you. Sending you lots of love.

Jimmy Feiling says:

Its pretty hard to be open minded when one is being hated everywhere attacked and judged without a measure of understanding or a partical or mercy

Jimmy Feiling says:

“Not as tricky as you” lol yea right leo

Sophie says:

Very amazing and touching video. Leo you realised that universe is a frozen explosion and everithing exists eternally as a film reel. Does this mean that everyting has happened the way it should have been and everithing is predetermined as the universe was designed by the genius God ?

Mukaddas says:

Just wanted to know more about satanism, illuminati and demon worshipping.Is ur work connected with this?

clem says:

Hey Leo,
Thanks for sharing this most intimate experience. For those of us who have traveled with you up till now, there is no question of the authenticity of your adventure. Your honesty and enthusiasm project a strong picture of a true pioneer who has not only tasted the essence of Divine being, but has taken another step closer towards embodiment. The benefit for all of us “earthlings” is that you have returned intact and have the willingness to share the insights learned from your extraordinary journey.
While it is intellectually fascinating to hear of your explorations, the primary issue that remains is finding a way to personally verify the reality of this path of enlightenment. In my world, at the present time, the availability of pure 5-MeO-DMT is 0. Without access to this means-of-travel, I am saddened by my feelings of empty longing to dissolve all boundaries and cross over the bridge to become One with you/god. My eyes remain focused on the horizon of new opportunities with the certainty that what is needed will be provided.
Be well

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