Becoming God - Retreat Conclusion

By Leo Gura - April 4, 2019 | 13 Comments

My insights after 29 days of solo isolation and 13 back-to-back awakenings

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Martin Halter says:

Woah…Leo! absolutely FANTASTIC! All comes together! Thank you very much for your insight and sharing this with us! I am happy for you! Great, the way you explain and list all your experiences and ‘knowledge’. Your video comes at the right moment for me; just had a ‘heavy’ ego backlash.
Fascinating, how science, ‘spirituality’, philosophy, ‘religion’, all leads in the same direction…I always had the feeling that mankind’s way of explaining god was way to abstract and distant! Having read, listened to many talks and attending several workshops about ‘your’ subjects I very much appreciate your clear and direct approaches in your videos! Thank you!

Mayur says:

Welcome back Leo Tzu

Jo says:

Hi Leo, I have been waiting for that video. It was lovely seeing you so emotional, I felt it and cried with you. Sending you lots of love.

Sophie says:

Very amazing and touching video. Leo you realised that universe is a frozen explosion and everithing exists eternally as a film reel. Does this mean that everyting has happened the way it should have been and everithing is predetermined as the universe was designed by the genius God ?

Mukaddas says:

Just wanted to know more about satanism, illuminati and demon worshipping.Is ur work connected with this?

clem says:

Hey Leo,
Thanks for sharing this most intimate experience. For those of us who have traveled with you up till now, there is no question of the authenticity of your adventure. Your honesty and enthusiasm project a strong picture of a true pioneer who has not only tasted the essence of Divine being, but has taken another step closer towards embodiment. The benefit for all of us “earthlings” is that you have returned intact and have the willingness to share the insights learned from your extraordinary journey.
While it is intellectually fascinating to hear of your explorations, the primary issue that remains is finding a way to personally verify the reality of this path of enlightenment. In my world, at the present time, the availability of pure 5-MeO-DMT is 0. Without access to this means-of-travel, I am saddened by my feelings of empty longing to dissolve all boundaries and cross over the bridge to become One with you/god. My eyes remain focused on the horizon of new opportunities with the certainty that what is needed will be provided.
Be well

Hey Leo,

Thanks for sharing your experience in such vivid fullness, both in the video and notes.

I’ve had experiences with 5-meo in the past and 100% agree with what you’re sharing.

It all sounds so maniacal and absurdly ego-driven to say you are god, but it’s the truth.

Everything and everyone is god.

I am you…

An eternal being experiencing itself an in infinite number of ways.

Adrift in the mind of God…

Our ego constructs and perspectives allow us to play the separateness game, but when we get to the root of it, we’re the same fundamental being, and that being is all that exists. That being is “God”. But even calling it God loses meaning, because there’s nothing that’s not God.

I just gotta say, I commend you for speaking your truth and sharing your experiences of this so openly. The comments on youtube for this video are an absolute shit-show, but understandably so. It just sounds too damn crazy and egotistical to claim oneself as God.

But direct experience is one heck of an eye opener!

Continual psychedelic use is not the way forward for me. At this point my life is an ongoing integration of experiences I’ve had many years ago. I find that once this core truth is experienced and accepted, going deeper down the rabbit hole produces bigger ah-has, yet with diminishing returns and applicability.

The name of the game for me now is creative exploration and actualizing my human potential.

Interestingly, there’s a lot of talk in the psychedelics community about endogenous DMT. Specifically, there’s a Mantak Chia book that claims you can trigger endogenous 5-meo-dmt release via dark-room retreats.

I intuit that there is validity to this, and that perhaps enlightened masters such as buddha and christ we’re somehow activating the release and drip of hormones/DMT/etc that’s produced in the brain.

It seems to me that this is what the alchemists were referring to as the elixir vitae, or the philosophers stone. The Christos – or oil – the sacred secretion.

My feeling is that there is a way to trigger a consistent drip of endogenous dmt in the brain, thus creating a true integration with daily life.

How? I don’t know. But it likely has to do with sound.

The universe is just vibration afterall!

Uni-verse… One song, without end.

Keep on keepin’ on brother.

Ella says:

Hey Andy,

Very interesting insight about sound.

I already felt 528 Hz (DNA Healing & Activating Higher Consciousness) has a good vibe.

Another thought about sound/vibration:

Everything you create in the field, changes the vibration, this is what manifests in your body and in the world around you. So you don’t stay stuck in the karma of your DNA. The more we are in the field. Prana will change, inner energy, free from conditioned patterns, become available to be directed by the soul.

Do “you” think this makes sense?

Actually “I” think we humans don’t understand the tool that we are using

I also had an experience with tantra, where the kundalini energy brought me closer to “the field” or God as Leo calls it.
After 3 days I still have rushes of energy. Still closer to …

Dropping the ego self,
the everyday mind,
and becoming the observer
of all comings and goings of the material world
settle in unblemished, pure consciousness,
unmoved, unbound by time & space

The awakening of the dream of the separate self

Have you been experimenting with the kundalini energy?

Flo says:

Hahaha, what’s the point knowing you’re God if you can’t change a damn thing? You can’t access that power you can’t do shit with only the knowing ) I’m sure you’d change yourself if you could. You’re not perfect. There’s miles to go for you and still you’re God fuck!
it’s better not to know you’re God, it’s better not to know shit! It must be quite frustrating since you always have to return to your lame small ego where you are limited and powerless. How does it help you knowing the ‘truth’?
maybe you can easier accept the things you can’t change, you become more tolerant of the shit going on in life and the injustice of it…. that must bring some calm into your mind but other than that… really now… you are small limited powerless NO MATTER WHAT YOU KNOW!
Yea you can accept that there are richer better smarter more successful people in the world than you’ll ever be because YOU wanted it to be that way. You CHOSE to be Leo and that’s it you gotta accept it whether you like it or not, cause deep down you know you’re God and blahblahblah…
You know what? We all have free will and that’s what screws God ) one can suicide over and over again a thousand times in a thousand lives and God can’t do anything about it ) He wants to just experience reality through Leo but if Leo hates his damn life he can exit it at any time ad infinitum )
Once you realize this there’s no more fear, there’s no more jail and spell. If one suffers for whatever reason they can ALWAYS choose to get the hell out of the game That’s really liberating you don’t need psychedelics for that cause the 5meo can’t get you out of the hell for more than 20 minutes

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Ouch! I’m sorry life sucks so much for you Flo. One suicide might do it but I don’t think so for the people that I know who have gone that route this time around.

One day I imagined being dead with all the bad feelings that I felt at that time and no physicality to escape into. It occurred to me that I might end up in a very long “NOW” before I figured things out and changed my mind. It’s hard enough to change ones mind when one “has” a mind to change. I’ll take a raincheck on suicide. WHo knows, maybe I only know that from doing it thousands of times. Eternity lasts forever and I am God. By the way, I am a she not a he. Care to join us? Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. Practice smiling.

Cris says:

Hi God

We are all already enlightened! We are all you. We’re just having fun (or not) here. Sooner or later everyone will experience enlightenment cause you are everyone at different levels of amnesia, but since you keep giving birth to yourself the circle never ends I guess hahaha….. you ‘forget’ only to take another ride ))
What happens when you remember more and more until you stop forgetting which will be total consciousness ? What then? You’ll give birth to an enlightened you and you’ll get bored of being God and having it all your way ) Everything will become so predictable and boring )

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Thank you courageous son of man. I grew infinitely small today. My rabbit hole is
50 years long in this petty now. How wonderful it is to be able to play given what’s at play here.

!00% responsible = 100% at cause.
It’s those last 10% see/say that are the rough spots. Or maybe it’s the next 90 %
Ah shit. The rabbit hole is a fractal. Who am I kidding?

Rebecca Sinclair says:

You make me smile Silly. In 3 to 5 years you’ll just be further down the rabbit hole and that much closer to being 100% responsible and 100% at cause. The numbers (percentages) go in all directions though eh? Simutaneously and have infinite decimals.

It will just get easier and easier not to have to suffer and to be able to enable others to lay down their heavy burdens.

See you in Greece someday Leo. You’ll float on a chair in the sky, high above the wine dark sea, in and out of clouds encircling a solid rock mountain. You’ll drift over olive groves and gently land on a beach made of a million pebbles, each vibrant with color, perfectly smooth and different than all the others.

You’ll go on solo retreat either next to the crystal clear sea with no soul around or to a monastery high above the city where silent brothers will set your meals outside your door.


I’m old enough to be your grandmother. You have much work to do yet and I appreciate your shining light in helping me see mine.

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