An Intro To Serious Philosophy

By Leo Gura - November 2, 2022 | 12 Comments

Leo’s top advice for aspiring philosophers

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Max Gron says:

I’ve got reality all figured out, I just didn’t figure out proper questions, like what is wisdom? and what makes me a fool? I don’t need to ask so many questions, my philosophy is an answer to itself, it just represents knowledge, not lack of knowledge, it’s called wisdom. I understand precisely that reality is just a denial of how nice you think you should be, you’re not wrong in your philosophy, I prefer the dangerous thing of knowledge, it’s dangerous, nobody knows I know, they only “know” how evil, painful things are, without conception of what’s normal to think, when painful things start, normal things to believe disappear, just a freaky, scary reality.

wyguy says:

dudes spitting words without even knowing what he’s saying

Joshua Dunn says:

Very few people know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Joel says:

If Max and I are one, I am in deep shit. Joel

Max Gron says:

Ya, you hit the nail on the head, my philosophy tends to be dark.

Garima Singh says:


Why you are not active on Facebook since very long?


Joshua Dunn says:

Ran the course of Buddhism, and popped out as a Christian and a Muslim, and a believer in my guy Leo. My mom had me convinced I was crazy till my boss told me otherwise. Now I’m just trying to put down the words and have some good times with my guy Leo. Good shepards flock together.

Ossi says:

A small detail but LSD hasn’t been found in any plant. There is LSA in ergot. The effects are somewhat similar but not the same. DMT is ready in the plants that contain it and you can simply extract it. LSD is different. You need advanced synthesis steps to convert LSA to LSD.

Fire water says:

I am curious about the alien intelligence piece. What are your thoughts on Trans-humanism? i guess there is a part of me that would invite the alien intelligence that you speak of knowing Nicola Tesla spoke of getting messages from off planet and at the same time, it feels like the Trans-humanism agenda could be anti human, soul, God. while saying this I amAlso aware that all Is God but in this illusion of polarity i have heard of some encounters that seem not of the light. Is there a way to access this higher intelligence and alien intelligence and know it is safe!? Do you feel if you are accessing from a particular psychedelic like 5 MEO it is of love and safe?

Jan says:

Hello friend, I would suggest that one of the safest ways to work with such levels of intelligence is through entering channeled states. This is the experience of having your ‘guides’ (or higher dimensional aspects of yourself) channel through you. I stumbled across my ability to channel while in the bath. The things that come through me are my words but from a very different headspace. If this resonates I suggest you check out the work of Lee Harris. Search for ‘Working With Your Guides – Lee Harris’ on YouTube and you’ll find a helpful video.
Good luck!

shawn melnekski says:

YOU have done a stellar job in understanding.
your videos are enlightening many spirits and helping to understand reality and who they are.

Thank you for your insights


Yann says:

Keeping seeking after “omniscience”? Isn’t it typical ego ?
To me enlightenment transcends philosophy.

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