An Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization

By Leo Gura - May 17, 2021 | 18 Comments

What is God-realization and how does it differ from other spiritual insights?

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Cadfan Kendrick Oldham says:

Lemons are yellow.
You are batshit insane.
You are the false prophet of Revelation.
You will never be happy.

Ziyu says:

Lmao.Just walk away then.

Cadfan Kendrick Oldham says:

Hello. You are a fucking idiot.
I’ll prove it.
You believe brains aren’t real?
What happens when Isbswkwlwmiskwlwlw.
Why could you interpret that?

Nice says:

I am 45 minutes into yoir newest podcast however i needed to comment to let you know that i truly resonate with what you are communicating (Words cannot give this understanding justice). My experience of god consciousness however was when i was a small child (maybe 5?). I have such a vivid memory of laying in bed and having such a pure understanding of the feeling of infinity and in this understanding i knew to my core that “I am me” in all the complexities of that statement. I knew i am consciousness i am infinitely i am this flesh body experiencing life in “me” which is everything. There was no emotion attached to it until i tried to explain and talk about it with my parents. As i grew this understanding slowly slipped away and was socialised out of me. Whenever i feel a little disconnected i try to remember the statement “i am me” how i understood it as a child however right now the words do not ring the same.

Michelle says:

Thanks for another great episode Leo. I was wondering if you had any insight into consciousness when we sleep. What is happening at a metaphysical level when we are experiencing sleeping consciousness.

Joel says:

I tried to get into “GOD MODE” and have the Warriors beat the Lakers last night in basketball. Unfortunately GOD is more a LeBron fan than a Curry fan.

Joel says:

Is it possible to be “GOD REALIZED” and root for the Golden State Warriors and have them lose to the Grizzlies?

Thomas Meningslos says:

Thanks for your work, Leo. It is so nice to meet another me like you. Your words points to the experience of realizing God better than anything I’ve come across since I “accidently” took a double dose LSD when smoking weed 1.5 years ago.

You are right, my story of awakening from taking too much LSD is just a new story I’ve added to the consept of me in this form. There is no LSD to begin with – I just believe it was. I belive it was the third time I tried LDS, and I had no spiritual path – being a scientific-minded atheist at the time. I died that day. It was scary. It was weird. It was total peace. It was absolute love. It was the best day. I can have it all, and I want nothing.

I just want to be and create to understand that I am both the creator and the creation – over and over. It’s the best. It’s worth the oblivion of being human, to die and blow myself away with understanding it all.

Btw, the human “me” struggled with depression, anxiety, money problems, huge debt and relationship problems for over a decade prior to awakening. That is why I started smoking weed. That is also why I so casually dropped a doble dose LSD without consideration or any expectance.

Aftermath from the experience, I’ve somehow ended up being engaged to a former model, make a monthly $10K profit in my own company – all things that ultimate don’t matter, but hey – I am creating these things for myself, because I’m being the one I think I need to be in order to help other people wake up. To somehow give my enlightenment to other people is the the highest and most noble gift. No “thing” is more important.

Thanks again, Leo. I love you!
Thomas Meningslos

Jim Feiling says:

Thank you for what you offer Leo

crusty says:

I really enjoyed this video, especially the part about experiencing the world through different “modes” (e.g. as either a designer or a player of “the game”). Is that mysterious unnamed chemical caffeine?

Brennan says:


In this video you have detailed a fascinating experience of, as an analogy turning the nob on the X axes left and right. I would agree 100% that most people just turn the nob down and say that is it. My question to you is what happens when you turn then nob left and right on Y and then Z axes, most people just explore one dimension, but as you have said, there are many.

Thank you,

Brennan R. Ansley-Weldy.

Simon says:

This is very needed extend of Guided exercise for realizing you are god.
Do you think that the point of game God (me) created is to find the good again?

I played the Monopoly game the day before I watched this episode for six hours after 20 years. I feel there are hints in this game, since similar situations happened to me a few times while watching your videos.


Kish says:

I was about 23 minutes in as you were explaining about the board concept and I had gotten a really great glimpse into what that experience would be like.
for less than a second I had a deep knowing of what it was like to be the consciousness behind every part of that “imaginary” board you were talking about board.
However when I had this glimmpse it made the board you were talking about real. (Truth) like the dimensions you were talking about are also like an infinite fractal in infinite directions/dimensions. Also there is a a deep knowing for any dimension/direction my consciousness was pulled.
Even as I am writing this out I am getting the experience of being back in the state which is more of a sensing state on top of experiencing it with our 5 physical senses.
The problem with going here in my consciousness is that I dont get the full connected affect. Almost similar to the “lack there of tripp” you get when you dont smoke enough DMT to “blast off”

Could this be what you are talking about? (a deep knowing in the multi-dimensioning fractals of everythingness being even the senses or thinking)

kish says:

so going further to what I call the “Happening of the IS-ness of everything” on every plain of infinite dimension and possibility occuring all at the same time….. would you say that God consciousness has already experienced everything already? (because time is non-linear) …. and if this is the case then where does god/consciousness from here?…
My ego wants to make up the story that god/consciousness purposefully has not allowed the future to happen yet in any sense as to further the case for there to be more to experience. God hasn’t allowed everything to happen yet so that God can experience more of its own self expression through the arbitrary nature of life itself.

Now playing “devil’s avocado “: we are God and Truth and have/are experiencing everything at all times. Now what? what does God be from here? God has done it all. everything that is, was , and will be is a present moment existing all simultaneously… And from this all encompassing Happening, What Else? what can we take away from this? What can pure consciousness intentionalize from here? What can we as earthling do from here?

However many levels of zooming in, or zooming out… what is THAT made of?

Kish says:

We as humans have not defined it yet. So it’s made of whatever it’s made of until we put language to whatever it is (which wouldn’t fully define the infinite fractal fully. Because the numina ((the experience) ) of it is different than the content of what it’s made of)…. gonna need a DMT-MOSS plug to answer this fully.. can anyone support on where to find?? LOL (don’t answer publicly)

Hi Kish, I see where you’re going. But what if the anwer is outside of anything humans CAN zoom in on, scrutinize and define? And outside of what higher consciousness CAN infer, go meta on, zoom out of, with or without hallucinogenics? If these directions-as-such are like two sides of a coin, two surfaces, in some sense superficial, in which one doesn’t HAVE to be interested… then by dropping everything experienceable, not running after any kind of (non)dual bait of inner-consistency anymore… even more substantial than “knowing”… extremely perhaps… a penny might drop.

Hossein says:

Well ty for creating this videos Leo….
I had these things you said on a insanity trip (extremely bad trip including torture and cannibalism, rape …. ) I just couldn’t handle it my whole reality collapsed and became hell ! on 15 g magic mushrooms and honestly it’s been several years that I deny it and I say well it was hallucinations but I know it happened and I changed it and came back to my poor weak me ! The thing is in that moment the trip ! I hated to be alone I was yelling why can’t I be filled why I’m so empty and voidlike .. what am I a human a dog a cat … And first it started by sounds of other people cursing me my mom yelled at me why you killed your kids when I looked myself in mirror I was my dad with my kids head in my hands !!! so I imagined the world again ! The way it was before I took any psychedelics and nothing happened just passed out !

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