Immediate Tech Support Solutions

Chances are the answer to your problem is right here, so please read:

Issue: I made a purchase but didn't get a login.

Solution: Upon submitting payment you should have been immediately emailed your password. Check your spam folders for the email. Important: the email was sent to your Paypal email address! Make sure you check that address. If you still haven't found it, use the contact form to request it, or use the forgot password link to generate a new password, which will be emailed to your Paypal email address.

Issue: I received the password for my purchase but I am getting an error while trying to log in.

Solution: The username & password you were emailed are 100% correct. Please make sure you type your email address & password accurately. Type (do not copy & paste) the email and password into the text fields. Sometime copy & pasting creates oddly-formatted characters which invalidate the login. If that fails, try logging in using another browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Safari). Some mobile devices may not work properly.

Issue: How do I access my purchase?

Solution: Login to your account here. Use the email address & password you were sent via email to log in. Then click on My Account (in the top right corner of the screen) and then click on your product.

Issue: The videos are not playing sound!

Solution: This bug occasionally happens. It has to do with your local computer, not the site. Firstly, try restarting your browser. Secondly, try restarting your PC. Thirdly, try viewing the videos using a different browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Safari). If it still doesn't work, make sure you're not using some non-standard mobile device. Some mobile devices may not be supported. And lastly, if all that still fails, in the Firefox browser, right-click the video and select: This Frame >> Show Only This Frame.

Issue: I've submitted payment via Paypal but have not received any login information.

Solution: Firstly, check your spam folders. Emails are often caught as spam. Secondly, see whether you submitted payment via Paypal E-check. E-check or bank account transfers can take 3 to 10 days to clear. This is how that particular Paypal payment option works. So you'll have to wait for it to clear. You will be emailed with a login as soon as the payment clears.

Issue: I subscribed to the newsletter but aren't receiving weekly newsletter emails.

Solution: I have stopped sending out the newsletter. From now on I intend to send out a newsletter only when I make major releases of new courses, which is pretty rare.

Issue: How come I can't log into the Forum?

Solution: You need to create a dedicated Forum account. Your regular account will not work on the Forum. That's a totally different platform.

Issue: How do I download the videos?

Solution: All videos on are streamed. They are not designed to be downloaded.

Issue: How do I delete my account?

Solution: Contact technical support using the contact form to request that.

Issue: I ended up with two accounts, how do I merge them?

Solution: Contact technical support using the contact form to request that.

Issue: I accidentally purchased the same item twice.

Solution: Contact technical support using the contact form to request a billing correction.

Issue: How do I claim my 50-day money-back guarantee on the life purpose course?

Solution: Contact technical support using the contact form to request a refund.

Issue: How do I get a refund for the book list?

Solution: The book list is non-refundable.

Issue: Is there any other payment method besides Paypal?

Solution: When you click the Buy Now button you are taken to Paypal, but you have an option there to pay via any major credit card. You don't need a Paypal account to make the purchase.

Issue: Paypal isn't accepting payments from my country!

Solution: Paypal is the most robust payment platform available. They take payments from over 200 countries. But still, some under-developed countries are not supported. Places like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Cuba, parts of Africa, etc. may not be supported. In this case, there's not much I can do. Try using to generate a temporary virtual debit card. It's a free service. Or purchase through a friend.