You Are Avatar

By Leo Gura - September 24, 2021

What are you?

In the ultimate sense you’re God, of course.

But what are you as this human meat-bag? What is this human thing?

It is God’s avatar.

Avatar is a profound word that you should contemplate and incorporate in your existential lexicon.

What is an avatar?

For that you should read this Wikipedia entry on Avatars.

The essence of the definition is this: “the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on earth.”

That’s precisely what you are.

See, God being an Infinite Shapeshifter — God being Nothing — you cannot have any form other than that of some finite avatar.

“The Rigveda describes Indra as endowed with a mysterious power of assuming any form at will.”

“Avatar literally means ‘descent, alight, to make one’s appearance’, and refers to the embodiment of the essence of a superhuman being or a deity in another form.”

“In Hindu traditions, the ‘crossing or coming down’ is symbolism… of the divine descent from ‘eternity into the temporal realm, from unconditioned to the conditioned, from infinitude to finitude’. An avatar… is a saguna (with form, attributes) embodiment of the nirguna Brahman. Avatar… actually means ‘Divine Descent’.”

Every living creature is a finite avatar of God.

But what does God’s face look like when it is not wearing a mask (avatar)? INFINITY!

It’s an infinite singularity of pure consciousness. Don’t you see? The Godhead is so unbiased it cannot allow itself to have any form, and therefore it must incarnate as all possible forms. God’s truest face is the superposition of every possible avatar.

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