Yes, UFOs Are A Thing

By Leo Gura - October 1, 2021

So, in case you haven’t caught on to the obvious yet, UFOs are a thing.

And by UFOs what I mean is: highly advanced intelligent alien life and spacecraft, not just some vague “unknown” activity in the sky. Not only that, but all the evidence points to the US and Russian governments actually being in possession of alien spacecraft and trying desperately to reverse engineer them.

Obviously don’t believe everything you hear, but UFOs are no quackery nor a hoax. The evidence is simply overwhelming and beyond anyone’s ability to debunk. With that said, there’s still much we don’t know. So this field is rife with potential for epistemic delusion, so be careful.

Here are some good resources for educating yourself about the phenomena:

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It really does seem that we are alive at just the perfect time for mainstream disclosure. It’s already happening and exciting new developments should be coming in the news over your lifetime. So stay vigilant. Keep your mind open, but also don’t be foolish.

If you’re going to study UFOs, be careful about your epistemology and jumping to conclusions. There are many self-deceived conspiracy theorists within this field, so be extra careful not to get caught up in wild speculation and especially any kind of fear-mongering narratives about UFOs. The fact is they are flying around but we just don’t have a good understanding of what they want and what our governments are doing about it. There are many unknowns in this field so be careful not to speculate. Do not get carried away with this topic.

“But Leo! You said conspiracy theories aren’t real!” You need to re-watch my episode about conspiracy theories more carefully. I said something very nuanced there. Many misunderstood that episode because they were too busy being shocked and offended that I did not validate their favorite conspiracy theories.

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