What's Your Attachment Style?

By Leo Gura - January 3, 2022

Social psychologists have identified 4 different attachment styles. These styles distinguish between how you relate to intimate partners. Knowing your attachment style, where it was sourced from, and how it works is foundational for success in intimate relationships.

The 4 attachment styles are:

Three are dysfunctional, one is functional. Obviously your goal should be a Secure attachment style. 66% of the US population is Secure.

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Attachment theory is really valuable to study if you want long-term relationship success or conscious relationships. I’d say this is a MUST for you. It’s also valuable to understand your partner’s attachment style and to understand how each attachment style is generated from childhood — this will help you raise mentally healthy children.

Learning this set of distinctions can also help you screen out potentially toxic partners with highly dysfunctional attachment styles. You want to be good at identify the attachment styles of the people who you’re dating and sleeping with as soon as possible.

My attachment style is somewhere between Avoidant & Secure.

What’s cool is that if you have one of the 3 dysfunctional attachment styles, you can change that through personal development and spiritual work.

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