What's Wrong With Jordan Peterson?

By Leo Gura - September 4, 2018

For those who ask, “But what’s wrong with Jordan Peterson??” Here it is in 5 minutes directly from the horse’s mouth, unedited:

The fear-mongering and strawmanning here of Spiral Dynamics stage Green is downright laughable. His argument may as well be a drawing of a hippie on a chalkboard with devil horns.

Peterson’s is such an obvious stage Blue/Orange reactionary ideology.

What is this but a projection of Peterson’s own fear of relativism, communalism, progressivism, and evolution?

“Damn you hippies! Damn you all to hell with your long hair, your drum circles, and your… your… equality, diversity, and inclusion! How dare you!”, said the cranky old grandpa sitting on his porch.

Here’s a hilarious blow-by-blow analysis, although it still misses the Spiral Dynamics perspective:

P.S. PragerU is not a real university, it’s a right-wing propaganda Youtube channel funded by stage Blue Christian fundamentalists and stage Orange hydraulic fracking billionaires as explained in this Mother Jones article. They create videos like “Why Everyone Should Stand For The National Anthem” and “Just Say Merry Christmas”. That Jordan Peterson would create content for such an organization tells you a lot about him.

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