What The Hell Is Socialism?

By Leo Gura - February 24, 2020

Great discussion which ties together concepts from my videos: Conscious Politics, Understanding Relativism, and How Society Evolves.

When it comes to understanding shifts on the political spectrum the key notion that people do not understand or explicitly state is Relativity. All political ideologies and positions are completely relative. So what looks “extreme” or “radical” left or right wing only appears that way given a particular vantage point. There isĀ  no “radical” in the absolute sense. But this notion is too radical for mainstream news people to speak. A great confusion results when news people speak of liberal, centrist, or conservative positions as if these are fixed, absolute quantities. All scientific scales are relative, and even more so political scales, but this point is lost on mainstream news anchors.

There is no such thing, in politics, as staying in the middle. Because the very notion of “a middle” does not exist! “The middle” is always defined relative to the extremes. Your mind literally cannot know what “the middle” is unless it has extremes to contrast it with. And since the extremes are always moving, so is “the middle.” By trying to stay in “the middle” you’re actually naively fooling yourself that politics isn’t changing when it is.

Yesterday’s radicalism is today’s “middle”. And yesterday’s “middle” is today considered barbaric or criminal. Don’t forget, the middle between truth and falsehood is still falsehood. The middle between non-slavery and slavery is still slavery. So being in the middle is not as safe and sound as it first seems. Don’t try to be in the middle. Try to be truthful, conscious, selfless, and loving. That is the best position. And in an ego-obsessed society, truth, consciousness, selflessness, and love are seen as radical.

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