What It Means To Love Someone

By Leo Gura - August 5, 2021

Humans often say “I love you” but we usually have no clue what that truly means. One day it will shock you to realize that you’ve never truly loved anyone in your life because you didn’t even know what love was. Instead, what you called “love” was just the projections of your own needy ego.

Here’s a powerful description of what “I love you” means from the wise Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Notice the relationship between that kind of love and selflessness. How can you love someone like that while still having an ego self? Can you see why such love is so rare and difficult to embody?

After you read that, also keep in mind the love he describes is still not Absolute Love. He’s talking about love as manifested among conscious beings towards one another, but Absolute Love is something far more radical still. Be careful not to confuse your loving attitude or actions towards another with Absolute Love. Absolute Love is independent of your attitude, actions, or level of embodiment.

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