What Is Post-Modernism?

By Leo Gura - April 4, 2023

Good little intro:

The trouble with Post-Modernism is that it’s both brilliant and stupid at the same time. It contains some extremely profound truths about relativity, however is also badly misuses them and overlooks the existence of Absolute Truth, Consciousness, and stages of development.

This issue is too complicated to elucidate here. I will have a future video which I discuss the limits and problems of Post-Modernism. For now I’ll just say this: There are two traps with Post-Modernism: one is to reject it, the other is to subscribe to it.

I suggest you research Post-Modernism a bit on your own and contemplate where it gets reality right and where it gets it wrong. This is a good exercise in critical thinking. Think it through for yourself rather than just listening to 2nd hand opinions.

What is the proper way to hold and apply relativism? And what are the excesses and misuses of relativism? That’s what this whole issue boils down to. It is not easy to answer this question accurately. It takes serious contemplation. But give it a shot before you hear my answers. I don’t want you to just believe me.

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