What Is Neo-Liberalism?

By Leo Gura - October 4, 2019

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The most tricky ideologies are those which aren’t seen as ideologies at all. How can you begin to let go of a thing you’re not even aware you’re holding?

It’s not that Neo-Liberalism is bad per se, it’s that it is starting to show its limits and must evolve into some higher, better system. Every system must evolve to accommodate higher consciousness and love, or die. And actually, death is nothing other than evolution. The next 100 years for America and much of the developed world will be about finding the next evolutionary step beyond Neo-Liberalism. What that is we don’t exactly know. It won’t just be old-school socialism. It will be something else. Perhaps a strange hybrid system. Like all technological advances, we’ll have to find it through trail and error. That trail and error will manifest as social turbulence, which we’ve been seeing more and more of lately. As 3rd world countries start to reach parity with the 1st world countries, as the world becomes more global and equalized, there will be a lot of turbulence because old systems will have to dissolve while millions of people cling to them.

We are like a snake just beginning to shed its skin.

But fear not! This world circumstance also presents many exciting opportunities. What will be your role in helping mankind evolve into the 21st century? Contemplate that. Don’t just be a passive leaf blown by the wind. Decide to be an active participant in this process of evolution. Decide what role you want to play, or someone else will decide it for you. Also decide to be on the right side of history, which is always the side which seeks to expand consciousness and love to more living beings.

In this sense your job in life is very simple: to decide in which specific ways you want to manifest your love.

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