Vice's Liberal vs Conservative Panels

By Leo Gura - July 10, 2019

Vice has some excellent discussion panels featuring diverse political and cultural perspectives.

The panels struck me as highly valuable because they require you to open your mind to alternative POVs. As you watch, pay extra attention to how you get triggered and how you judge these people. This is not about determining who’s right or wrong but about going meta to see the relativity of all perspectives. Relativity is what explains why these folks see the world so differently. It’s not that ones are right and others are wrong, but that each ego-mind sees the world according to its survival needs and whatever ideologies it was programmed with during its development.

That’s just a taste, there’s much more and I recommend you watch them all:

Really, really, really pay attention to how you judge POVs which are not your own. Also notice how you judge people purely based on their race, gender, clothing, religion, and style of speaking. The point is to notice that you are extremely judgmental and dismissive of any worldview which is not aligned with your own. Notice that alternative POVs are a threat to you — notice how you fear them.

These panels make for a good consciousness litmus test. The more developed and conscious you are, the more you are able hear all these diverse perspectives without judging them, recognizing them to be aspects of yourself.

Note: non-judgment does not mean that you adopt their opinions, nor does it mean that you adopt the average of all their opinions. Both would be a mistake.

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