US Assassinates Top Iranian Leader

By Leo Gura - January 3, 2020

Well, the greatest concern about Trump’s presidency — him starting a foolish war — has finally come to fruition.

Imagine if Iran had assassinated the US Vice President while he was traveling in a Canadian airport. That’s the equivalent of what happened.

An accurate headline in today’s morning paper would read: “US Assassinates Top Iranian Leader In Act of War”. But you will not see such a headline in the US media because of Self-Bias. Of course the US will spin this as “self-defense”. That’s an interesting phrasing since “self-defense” — as in, ego-defense — is what this is really about. The ego always justifies its devilry as self-defense, even when it is aggression. Because the ego’s notion of “self-defense” is infinitely elastic and self-biased.

Egotistical, unconscious, and ignorant leaders cannot help themselves start wars. Bush and Trump are cases in point. Dumb and dumber.

The current situation is the direct result of Trump’s and the Republicans’ eagerness to tear up the Iran nuclear agreement. It was obvious to even an uninformed laymen that reneging on that agreement was a very bad idea. And of course the opposition to that agreement was an act of ego.

It is the duty of conscious citizens to stand up and say, Not in our name! American citizens should not tolerate such devilry from our own. This is what being objective and truthful means in the real world. It is the ability to call out the self-bias and wrong-doing of your own team as soon as it happens, not giving them a pass because they are closer to you. A devil is a devil, even if he sleeps in the bed next to you.

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