Universal Brain

By Leo Gura - July 11, 2023

My brother shared this article with me. Read it:

UniverseToday: The Largest Rotating Structures In The Universe

This is the largest-scale structure of the Universe that we know:


When I say Universal Mind, I mean Universal Mind. The entire physical Universe is literally GOD’s brain. What scientists do not yet comprehend, but I do since I’ve become insanely conscious, is that the purpose of the movement of every atom in existence is to create an Infinitely Intelligent Supermind. When you are flipping through your phone in the morning while taking a shit, that whole activity is a molecule inside of GOD’s brain, contributing to its Infinite Intelligence. The entire purpose of evolution is to create Infinite Intelligence, which is necessary for GOD to comprehend itself. And when you reach the highest scale of the Universe you will realize that it is analogous to your own brain.

The Universe is a giant Mind whose entire purpose is just to comprehend and love itself, since there’s nothing else to do. Ta-daaaa!

How many hundreds of years will it take for scientists to admit this? You could do it within a few years of psychedelic work.

Scientists and atheists keep crying, “But where is God?! Where’s the proof?” You’re inside of GOD, you silly monkey. You’re like an ant asking, “Where’s the proof of Earth?” What’s lacking is not proof, it’s your perspective. Your perspective is so small and narrow you look right through GOD. All scientific proofs do is point at trees and always miss the forest. Then scientists complain that no proof for forests exists and that forests are just the superstitions of soft-brained people. But what scientists regard as soft-brained people are just people with a wider perspective than scientific dogma is willing to tolerate because scientific dogma requires everything be quantifiable. But GOD is too large to quantify. This is precisely our present condition. The attempt to quantify Reality/GOD/Truth is utter nonsense. How long will it take for scientists to admit this?

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