Understanding The Alt-Right

By Leo Gura - August 2, 2020

Great documentary about Steve Bannon, architect of the alt-right and Trumpism:

Trumpism is a toxic mix of stage Red, Blue, and low Orange, with a massive Green shadow.

People who find the alt-right appealing are not merely Blue/Orange, the have a Red underbelly. Which is what makes the movement dangerous. It’s fueled by anger, fear, vindictiveness, and greed. Which is why so many of Trump’s lieutenants have been forced to step down due to allegations of domestic abuse, rape, bribery, tax evasion, corruption, misuse of public funds, sexism, racism, alcoholism, etc. That’s because such people are precisely the sort who find strongmen and con-artists like Trump appealing. Because he’s one of their kind, and so is basically any top Trump lieutenant. Because a conscious human who has transcended Red would find Trump’s style abhorrent. But what Trump’s top loyalists and fans find most appealing about him is that Red underbelly which cannot be satisfied by any normal career politician, left or right. Trump’s scumminess is not a bug, it’s a feature for people with a Red underbelly.

So that’s how Trump manipulates his most loyal base: by tossing them Red meat. And that red meat is stage Green SJWs.

If you wanted to start a fascist movement in America, this is precisely how you’d do it.

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