Tribe Meets White Man For First Time

By Leo Gura - February 24, 2020

Amazing raw footage! Try to put yourself in the epistemic position of the tribesmen. Notice how their minds simply cannot make sense of what is happening. That’s because their limited paradigm cannot account for what is happening in their direct experience. It’s very much like a psychedelic breakthrough trip. It’s clearly real, but your mind has no clue how to explain it, and of course you’re terrified it might be dangerous.

This is exactly what it’s like for humans to meet advanced aliens. And exactly what it’s like for humans to meet God. God can be present in your direct experience but your mind will not be capable of making sense of what God is, let alone how it is possible that God could be YOU!

Humans who have never had a breakthrough dose of psychedelics are like those tribesmen, with no clue of the world that exists outside their little tribal village.

This video is also what it’s like for a materialist scientist to encounter mysticism. Mysticism is like that white man. It makes no sense to the rational mind because it’s so much more advanced.

Teaching about God feels like being that white guy trying to give food to those terrified and puzzled tribesmen. Imagine trying to explain to them what a video camera is.

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