Toxic Masculinity In A Nutshell

By Leo Gura - January 13, 2023

Way more toxic than RSD used to be. It’s funny to me how easily guys fall for this “macho man” fantasy bullshit. This not how you become a powerful man. This is man-children cosplaying as men. You don’t need this kind of thing to be a man, it will not make you happy. Controlling women will not make you happy.

#1 rule in life: drop to desire to control people. Tate’s philosophy fails at the very first fundamental principle. When you seek to control people you negate their sovereignty as a divine consciousness, thereby creating a lose-lose situation. Controlling a woman will never work. She will always hate and leave you in the end, it’s just a matter of time. And that reason that is, is because you would hate it if someone tried to control you in that way. And the reason you’d hate that is because you are God.

Andrew Tate’s philosophy is designed to justify narcissism, control, and abuse of women. If you are a young man, you need to understand that this isn’t just a matter of “traditional values” or a difference in worldview, this is extremely toxic, dysfunctional, and anti-human. If you allow yourself to get sucked into this worldview your entire orientation towards women will be ruined for a decade or more.

Here’s the #1 rule to successful relationships with women: Respect your woman the way you would want to be respected. This may sound hokey and “blue pill”, but honestly it’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from doing years of game. You do not want to dating women who allow you to disrespect them. Such women exist, but they are broken and miserable as hell.

There is no question that as a guy you can definitely find women who will let you abuse them. Women are very abusable creatures. But what does that say about your level of consciousness as a man when you take advantage of that? Let alone promote that as a lifestyle? That’s the definition of toxic masculinity: taking advantage of those weaker than you.

Remember, the kind of attitude you put out will determine the kind of women you attract. If your attitude is one of controlling and using women, you will only attract and retain women of the lowest mental and spiritual caliber. These women will have mental illness, histories of abuse, low intelligence, bad energy, chemical addictions, neuroses, and will be untrustworthy. I have friends who attract and date such women. Trust me, they are not happy people. They only do it because they cannot stop doing it. Attracting toxic women is an addiction. Normalizing and spreading this addiction to other young men is Andrew Tate’s greatest sin.

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