The Wise Patriot, Round Two

By Leo Gura - August 4, 2019

I love this guy’s down to Earth political analysis:

This is a grounded example of stage Green politics. Stage Green is not all crazy college feminist protestors as you sometimes see portrayed by right-wing YouTube or Jordan Peterson and his ilk.

There are serious, practical, reasonable, and masculine stage Green thinkers. As you would expect, since healthy stage Green doesn’t negate stage Orange but transcends AND includes it. Healthy Green is built on a foundation of healthy Orange. What Green adds to Orange is empathy & a recognition of the importance of collective issues. While Orange believes all problems in society can be resolved through individualism and personal success, Green understands that this is necessary but insufficient. Collective responsibility is just as important. Green contrasts sharply with Blue in that it is able to appreciate the value of diversity & multiculturalism in a way that Blue is totally blind to. Green can look through the eyes of different cultures while Blue cannot. Green’s masculinity is also more grounded, more comfortable with the feminine, whereas stage Blue & Orange masculinity tends to be a juvenile bravado which struggles to appreciate the feminine beyond child rearing and personal sexual gratification.

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