The Trap Of The Good Life

By Leo Gura - November 27, 2021

The trap of human life boils down to this:

In life there are things which feel good but are very bad for you. And there are things which feel bad but are very good for you.

The trick to a great life is to always be keenly aware of this trap and to proactively and counter-intuitively act against it.

Wisdom is doing that which feels bad but is very good for you. Foolishness is doing that which feels good but is very bad for you.

Contemplate how many times you’ve fallen into this trap.

The good life is so counter-intuitive it’s hiding from you in plain sight. Having the good life is not just a matter of working hard or achieving more, it’s about seeing reality in a different way. It’s fundamentally a problem of perception. Which is why the wise highly value right perception and fools do not.

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