The Stupidity Of Brilliant Scientists

By Leo Gura - December 4, 2020

By the age of 14 Stephen Wolfram wrote 3 books on particle physics. By the age of 15 he began research into quatum field theory and published several scientific papers. By age 21 he joined the faculty of CalTech with a fucking PhD!

Now I ask you, how can someone so smart say something so dumb:

Don’t mistake the limits of your imagination for the limits of the universe.

This is the tragedy of modern science.

Why does the Universe exist? Because it is ONE and therefore cannot be anywhere else! For fuck’s sake.

For the Universe to not exist it would need a “space” or domain apart from existence for it to non-exist in. But this space cannot exist because the Universe is ONE and occupies all possible spaces (and even any non-spaces you might imagine).

Or, to put it another way, there is absolutely no difference between the Universe existing and non-existing, since there is ever only one “space” within which all things occur or don’t occur.

To use a computer analogy, you can only delete a file as long as there is some “space” — the trash bin — to place your file. But if you define “computer” as the sum total of all space, there is nowhere you can place your deleted file which is outside of the computer, and hence you have the interesting situation where you literally cannot ever delete it. You take it for granted that it’s possible to delete files because every computer you’ve ever used was finite. But this would not be possible if your computer was infinite. You can only delete a file on a computer because your computer is a finite system with two parts: the computer part and the non-computer part. The non-computer part is where your deleted file ultimately goes. But if your computer was infinite, it would have no non-computer parts, and thus nothing from this computer could ever be deleted because it would have nowhere to go. An infinite container cannot have an outside, because it is ONE, thus it must contain within it every possible thing that could exist — because those things have nowhere else to be! Which is identical to saying that an infinite computer must contain within it every file that could ever possibly exist — not just potentially, but actually, since “potential” and “actual” are yet more “spaces” which must both be contained within the ONE ultimate space. Which is identical to saying that an infinite computer has infinite creative capacity. Which is identical to saying that an infinite computer created itself simply by virtue of being ONE. Which is identical to saying that an infinite computer is God.


Get it?

The simple act of realizing what ONENESS is, is literally identical to spawning our Infinite Universe.

All God had to do to create the Universe is to think: ONE! And the whole Universe unfolded instantly.

ONE! As in, not two. But also, not excluding two, since ONE means there cannot be a difference between one and two.

Reality didn’t come from anywhere because coming and going requires at least two different spaces. Reality has existed FOREVER. It has nowhere to go. But good luck getting a scientist to understand any of this.

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