The Power Of Imaginary Boundaries

By Leo Gura - June 30, 2019

One of our biggest themes with is understanding how the human mind, (and all of reality), creates boundaries. Notice that all of life runs on division, partition, distinction, and duality. Even at the most basic thermodynamic level, energy moves across difference gradients. No difference gradient, no movement, no life.

But it’s not enough to understand this in the abstract. We must go deeper, examining concrete instances of how this manifests across human life. Which is why I love the following video. It shows you in concrete terms how division, partition, distinction, and duality shape all human behaviors.

All boundaries are imaginary. But notice how these imaginary boundaries serve as the fuel or engine driving all of life! Notice the enormous consequences that a single imaginary boundary can have. Now multiply this by infinity and you get LIFE!

What is war, conflict, disagreement, and violence about at the existential level? It’s fighting over boundary definitions. Who’s imaginary boundary will prevail? Who gets to say how the cake should be sliced?

Do you see the big picture of life?

If you object that some boundaries are physical and not merely imaginary, notice that that itself is an imaginary boundary which you created and are now defending! Since reality is one giant Universal Mind, all boundaries, including “physical” boundaries, exist within its imagination. To imagine a thing is to create a boundary between that thing and that which it is not. That’s what being a thing is! That’s what imagination is! Universal Mind is creating differences, which constitutes reality, which animates life, which leads to conflict, which leads to destruction of differences — thus going full-circle forever and ever, without beginning or end.

Division leading to unification leading back to division. Division within division within division. Unification after unification after unification.

That which is separated must ultimately unite. That which is united must ultimately separate. And in between, life happens. Ta-da!

Here’s another brilliant micro example of how this plays out in human life:

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