The Neo-Nazi Bible

By Leo Gura - July 14, 2021

There’s this popular Neo-Nazi book — The Turner Diaries — which gives us some good insight into the ethno-nationalist and fascist mind:

What you need to understand from this is that a psyche stuck in a low-consciousness state gets embroiled in a toxic, destructive energy pattern that makes fascistic action look appealing. Those of us who are not stuck in such a state often wonder how it is that people can act in such an obviously “evil” manner. Well, when you’re stuck in a low state of consciousness, your life feels like shit, you are disconnected from love, you don’t know how to properly receive or give love, your mind is governed by fear and bitterness, and so dominating and hurting others becomes one’s reason for living. For a wounded psyche, hurting others is actually enjoyable and it can even become a sense of life purpose. A life purpose can be constructive or destructive. The less conscious you are, the more selfish you are, the more destructive your life purpose will tend to be.

Just try to imagine what life would be like if your life purpose was to exterminate an entire race who you saw as parasites responsible for ruining the world. It sounds fantastical, but plenty of people are so bitter, their connection to life is so shallow, that this becomes appealing.

I like this example because it shows you the enormous range and diversity of motivation that a psyche can have. People who experience and interpret reality is radically different ways end up having radically different motivations and values. Consciousness is extremely flexible and fluid in this regard — much more so than people believe. Consciousness’s range for constructing a psyche is astounding. There are so many different possible kinds of psyches, not just a handful.

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