The Joke's On You

By Leo Gura - November 21, 2017

Two lifelong friends are sitting at their favorite cafe on a lovely Sunday afternoon. They order coffees. They proceed to chat about life as they’ve done for years. The weather, politics, fishing, stocks, golf, how’s the wife?, how’s the kids?, what’s for Thanksgiving?

Then, out of the blue, George says, “Hey, you know Bob… this morning I fucked your wife.”

[a long pause as they look at each other…….]

[bursts of laughter]

[another pause….]

[more bursts of laughter]

Then, laughing he adds, “Yup, first I fucked her, then I killed her.”

[another long pause……..]

[more bursts of laughter]

“Yeah, ummm…… That’s how it happened, Bob.”

[more laughter]

[more laughter………………]



And that’s when it HITS! That sudden, instantaneous moment in which it first crosses Bob’s mind that his friend might not be kidding.

“COME ON GEORGE! Cut it out! Now you’ve gone too far! No more jokes like that. For a second there you had me going, you o’l bastard!”

“Yeah, ummm….. I’m telling you how it is, Bob.”

[more laughter…..]

“COME ON GEORGE! I said STOP IT! This isn’t funny any more….”

[blank stare from George]

And now it hits Bob like a lightening bolt — WHAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMmmmm!!!! — HIS WIFE COULD ACTUALLY BE DEAD!

“NOW WAIT A GOD-DAMNED MINUTE HERE GEORGE!!! You get straight with me RIGHT NOW! No more of your STUPID games!!!!! Answer me straight: Are you kidding or being serious??!!!!!”

And George says, “What’s the difference?”


That’s how it’s like to discover that reality is absolutely groundless.

All of reality collapses in around you to the point where you no longer know if you were even born. And the key is: you ABSOLUTELY KNOW there is no difference.

And by the time you realize what happened, you’re already dead.

I’m not joking

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