The Hairy Frogfish

By Leo Gura - January 18, 2024

The hairy frogfish is a prime example of the insane intelligence and deception behind survival:

If you traipse through life like a common fool, some human frogfish like Andrew Tate or Donald Trump will snatch you before you even know what’s up. Human frogfish are preying on you every day. So beware. These frogfish are commonly found in marketing, sales, business, C-suite, financial services, legal, medicine, politics, media, Hollywood, sex work, and of course spirituality.

Of course spirituality is full of frogfish! Of course! That’s the best place for them to hide.

The lowest and the highest levels of society tend to have the most frogfish. Some of the sneakiest frogfish are found around the highest concentration of wealth, power, status, fame, influence, and sex.

Survival is all about deception, illusion, and trickery. Especially in the case of a human. Don’t be naive about this. If you are gullible enough to trust people, they will trick you.

Do not be that cardinal fish. That’s my advice to you.

How do you not be a cardinal fish? By developing WISDOM. See my episode: What Is Wisdom? and How To Avoid Getting Scammed.

And beware, frogfish are not just individuals, frogfish also come as man-made mechanical systems, like academia, the military, the Catholic church, Wall Street, tobacco companies, Fox News, and Facebook.

Your job is to be wise to all the frogfish that lurk in the sea. And my job is to train your mind for that. Until eventually you come to realize that you yourself are a big fat frogfish.

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