The Genius Of Tracie Harris

By Leo Gura - January 21, 2023

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I just can’t…

The reason God doesn’t stop a child rapist is because you’re too stupid to understand that child rape is only a problem IN YOUR MIND!

Nowhere else is child rape a problem but in the mind of a human! This is obvious because child rape is not even a problem in the mind of a child rapist. It’s not that the child rapist is delusional, it’s that you are delusional for assuming that wrongness is an objective thing.

There is zero scientific evidence that child rape is wrong. If you were serious about science, you would admit this.

By definition, everything “wrong” is the projection of a subjectively biased mind. If you didn’t have an ego, nothing would be wrong. Which is why objective empirical science never finds “wrong”. Only egos find wrong. Realize this simple fact: Science has never, ever found anything wrong in the Universe. Nor will it ever find anything wrong because there isn’t anything wrong. The Universe isn’t wrong, it just happily exists.

The reason God doesn’t stop child rape is because God is too conscious to judge it as wrong. For God to judge child rape, God would¬† have to lower itself to an atheist’s level of intelligence. Which is not much higher than that of a baboon.

What’s not being understood by humans is that human whining is so petty in the grand scheme of things that it cannot influence God’s designs. You want God to care about whatever you’re whining about. But God has bigger fish to fry and you are too narrow-minded to appreciate that. Hence you call God evil or say it cannot exist.

Imagine it this way: Should all of human civilization stop and change its designs just because a few ants in South America are whining that their life is harsh? Likewise, neither would God. The only ones who think the whining of ants is important are the ants.

Even deeper, you assume that God can change itself. God does not have any power to change itself because it is Absolute Truth. God cannot change its own design. Because the design is Absolute Perfection. If God could improve its design, God would be evil because that means God has been negligent in improving itself.  God cannot improve itself because it is already maxed out. It is only a human ego that could be so selfish and stupid as to want to change the entire design of reality to suit its own petty agenda.

If you take what I said here to be some kind of endorsement of child rape, you’re really not intelligent nor serious about science. I fully endorse the policing of child abuse. But the more you whine about immorality, the less intelligent you demonstrate yourself to be. Which is why the least developed people are moralists. It’s ironic that atheists, rationalists, and scientists take moralistic stances, since it is a perversion of rationality, objectivity, and science. The whole point of science is to be objective. If you’re gonna be objective then you have to admit that child rape is not objectively wrong, it’s subjectively wrong.

Here’s what typical human moralistic whining is like: You’re whining that the ice cream store has too much chocolate ice cream and not enough vanilla, and you blame God for this. But from God’s POV, the flavors are perfectly allocated. See, you made the mistake of thinking that God is supposed to allocate those flavors FOR YOU. But God didn’t allocate them for you, God allocated them for itself. And God loves all the flavors equally. So again, the problem only exists in YOUR MIND. But you are too narcissistic to see that. So you gaslight God. Quite the douche that makes you.

See how simple and elegant this is? Beautiful! But seeing Beautiful requires serious Intelligence.

It’s not that God takes glee in child rape, it’s just that God is Infinite Imagination, and child rape is one of the many things Consciousness can imagine. If God couldn’t imagine child rape it wouldn’t be all-powerful. Think of it this way: if your mind couldn’t imagine child rape, your mind would be pretty weak. Well, God is just an Infinite Mind, so child rape cannot be excluded no matter how much you may not like it. An Infinite Mind has no room to dislike itself or reject parts of itself. If it did so, it could not be Infinite. The way an Infinite Mind becomes a finite mind is by rejecting parts of itself. Which is how we get atheists and baboons. An atheist’s mind is closer to that of a baboon than it is to that of God.

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