The Entanglement Problem of Science

By Leo Gura - October 22, 2020

Investigating reality is not like dissecting a frog, it’s more like doing surgery on yourself.

Materialists, rationalists, atheists, reductionists, academics, and scientists are under the illusion that reality can be investigated at a safe distance, like a guy in a white lab coat dissecting a dead frog. This assumes a dualistic reality in which subject and object can be cleanly separated. But as it turns out, reality is One, which means subject and object cannot be cleanly separated. Man isn’t just an observer of the universe, man IS the universe! Overlooking this crucial point (the entanglement problem) leads to self-reference paradoxes and strange loops that forever cripple the scientist’s mind until he realizes that Oneness is fundamental.

Due to Oneness, no objective, neutral, impartial, or safe-at-a-distance investigation of reality is possible. Investigating reality is like doing surgery on yourself. So while many conceive of spirituality as a lark through a land of emerald-green pastures, rainbows, faeries, and unicorns, true spirituality looks a lot more like this:

If you think you can investigate or understand reality without putting your own balls (ovaries??) on the chopping block, you haven’t realized the depth of the entanglement problem.

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