The Complexity Of Life

By Leo Gura - November 25, 2019

Biologists are only starting to get an idea of how complex and astounding life truly is:

“I still remember the moment. It’s something I will never forget. The hair on my hands just stood up.”

Why did the hair on his hands stand up? Because his mind caught a glimpse of Infinite Intelligence. That’s God! But he doesn’t realize that yet since he’s looking at these cells from the materialist paradigm. How much more awesome it becomes when you realize that these cells are occurring within an Infinite Mind — what’s more — YOUR Infinite Mind, created by You!

When some spiritual fool tells you life is simple, remember this video. Life is infinitely complex, and the only way it can work at all is because it is managed by an Infinite Intelligence that tracks every single detail with infinite precision, perfectly.

Only a naive human can convince itself that this whole process can be modeled and analyzed by the human mind. No model will ever do it justice. This is just the tip of an infinite iceberg.

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