The Antidote For Pre-Trip Anxiety

By Leo Gura - August 28, 2017

You’re home all alone, you’ve just downed your dose, it’s gonna take 30 minutes to come up, and now you’re all anxious. Bad mood, negative thoughts, doubts. “Oh no!!! Will this be a bad trip?”

It doesn’t have to be! Go play some loud pop music and dance to it like a fool. Really get into it! Dance bitch! Don’t hold back. At least 10-20 minutes of dancing. Silly hand movements, big smile, act like animal, break a sweat, the works.

Don’t underestimate the power of this technique. It works like a charm. Use your body to create good emotions. I do this pretty much every time I trip. It really helps put me in the right frame of mind.

Here’s the key: don’t sit there thinking, “Should I do it? Will dancing like a fool really help me?” Just do it! Don’t keep sitting there on your ass worrying. Just get up, turn on the music, and dance. Do not let yourself judge the technique. Trust the process. It will work.

But after the dancing is done (no more than 20 minutes), go sit down and be very still. You don’t want to be dancing through the bulk of your trip. Your mood will have been lifted. Now sit and mindfully observe as much of your trip as possible. Relax, breathe, and get curious about the nature of reality. The more still and contemplative you can be, the better. The dancing is just for getting rid of that pesky pre-trip anxiety, or if you’re starting to spiral out of control into some deep depressive thoughts.

This technique also works well if you have a friend who’s tripping but starts to freak out. Go dance with him/her for 10 minutes and you’ll likely break them out of the negative thought spiral.

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