Textbook Example Of Devilry

By Leo Gura - February 18, 2019

I don’t particularly like to kick a man when he’s down, but the following video shows the unraveling of Alex Jones’ ego in such a stark way that it deserves to be in a textbook about devilry. Pay close attention to how the arrogance of the ego-mind refuses to concede to truth and love, doubling down on its egotism and starting a holy war (lesser Jihad). This is how crusades and holy wars throughout history have been started.

Alex Jones is just an extremely obvious example of this. But notice how your ego does this too, in (hopefully) lesser, more subtle ways. It especially happens when you feel under attack or when your livelihood or identity is seriously threatened.

As context for this clip, on his podcast Joe Rogan extended a hand of friendship to Alex Jones, genuinely concerned for his mental health. Joe took a fair, compassionate position, being more than generous to Alex Jones, but the devil cannot stand it! The devil is terrified of genuine love and compassion — he thinks it’s a ploy. Love burns the devil like a sunlight burns a vampire. Rogan is speaking from a healthy stage Green while Jones is speaking from a very pathological stage Red. Stage Green often underestimates the depravity and viciousness stage Red is capable of — it is outside of stage Green’s reality.

The fundamental position of the devil in aggressive defiance of God. At low levels of Spiral Development the ego becomes aggressively ignorant and, of course, assumes the position of God. The devil always feels like he is the righteous one who could do no wrong and that God is on his side. The devil is a usurper of God’s throne, actively spinning delusions and self-deceptions to convince himself that what he’s doing is righteous.

Remember this: a devil will not hesitate to bite a helping hand. So be careful when openly offering them your compassion.

P.S. Please don’t misunderstand me when I call Alex Jones a devil. Despite how it sounds, I am not actually demonizing him. When I call someone “a devil” I do not use this term dualistically or moralistically. I am not making a moral judgment of him. For me this is a technical term describing delusional egoic behavior which aims at supplanting truth with its own selfishness. Like how a cuckoo bird tries to lay its own egg in the nest of other birds.

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