By Leo Gura - September 25, 2021

You should know that both the US and Russian intelligence agencies run secret paranormal programs to use remote viewing and other psychic phenomena to do spying and intelligence gathering work.

So while the materialist scientists and public intellectuals act stupid, the CIA and FSB are using psychic phenomena in the field to accomplish real-world results. See, the thing is, you don’t have to know how to explain mystical phenomena scientifically in order to use it to advance your survival. Unlike the scientific community, the CIA doesn’t care about metaphysical explanations, they just care whether they can use it to gain a strategic advantage. If the CIA can use remote viewing to track the construction of a top secret new class of Russian nuclear submarine, that’s good enough for them. And the CIA has successfully used remote viewing to uncover top secret Russian nuclear submarines before the Russians even finished constructing them.

And how is all this possible? Simple. Because the entire Universe is mental.

Now that’s some serious mind games.

– – – – – –

Update: Some have accused me of spreading conspiracy theories with my claims above about the CIA. But of course it is no conspiracy theory that the CIA studies and uses psychic phenomena. This is well-documented. Project Star Gate is but one example. It is not a conspiracy theory that intelligence agencies use whatever means available to further their spying. That’s the core function of an intelligence agency. They also use psychedelics and deliriants like scopolamine as a truth serum. It’s safe to assume that if a thing works, they will use it.

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