Talks From The Psychedelics Conference

By Leo Gura - July 11, 2017

Just wanted to remind ya’ll that Martin Ball is starting to upload talks from the 2017 Exploring Psychedelics Conference to the web. So you can easily listen at home. These are highly worthwhile talks about the cutting-edge of consciousness, psychedelics, humanity, anthropology, botany, clinical psychology, medicine, shamanism, etc.

Here’s a good example: Tom & Sheri Eckert’s Talk about making consciousness work more mainstream through legalizing psychedelics, and transforming our culture. Great stuff!

Many more talks will be uploaded in the weeks to come on Martin’s site. So check it periodically. These talks tend to be very mind-expanding, opening you up to possibilities you’d never hear about in mainstream media.

If you like the talk above, I even recommend you dig through his archives and listen to the 2016 conference talks. There are some really good ones in there. Download them all and listen on your drive to work, while cooking, etc.

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