Taking Existence For Granted

By Leo Gura - October 24, 2017

The easiest thing to take for granted is existence itself, because everything else you know is predicated on it.

This is the tragedy of spirituality: it’s the most obvious thing, but 99% of people just overlook it because it is about existence itself, which they take for granted. The game of life — survival — has to do with manipulating the content of existence, without concern for the substance of existence. This makes awareness of existence itself a pointless pursuit from the point of view of the survival paradigm. Since existence is the one common factor behind every piece of content, it is the first thing the mind filters out. For the purposes of survival, what existence is, doesn’t matter! Which is why it’s so critical to stop letting survival run your life. The game of survival cannot be won.

They call it “transcendence” because you’re transcending the game of survival. Survival in this case is everything you do on a weekly basis: getting a coffee at Starbucks, feeding the kids, brushing your teeth, going to work, having sex, shopping for make up, getting a haircut, going to school, watching TV, fixing your car, etc.

For the average person, survival is priority #1. For a spiritually-developed person, BEING is priority #1, and survival is priority #2.

The top reason why psychedelics are so powerful is that they let you see just how much you’ve been taking existence for granted. Just to get a sense of that is life-transforming because it put the game of survival into proper perspective, proper priority.

Life sucks when your priorities are backwards.

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