Taking A Break

By Leo Gura - January 14, 2020

I have decided to take a break from releasing videos for a while to rejuvenate my creative juices and work on myself. 7 years of constantly releasing videos with hardly any breaks takes its toll on creativity — which is one of my highest values. Yes, YouTuber burnout is a genuine phenomenon. The ever-present low-grade stress of having to constantly release great and original videos for years on end starts to eat away at the soul and feels creatively stifling — like being a one-trick pony. I have multiple creative projects and research projects which I want to work on besides releasing videos, and since the videos are so labor intensive and constant, this prevents me from working on other things that I’m passionate about, including my own development. For the kind of work that I do there needs to be a delicate balance between outer work and inner work. Outer work is work I do for you — for the world to consume. Inner work is work I do for myself which nobody directly sees, but which shapes the totality of my outer work in the future. So what I’m doing now is shifting priority from outer work to inner work. This means less immediate creative output, but laying a deeper foundation for the future.

I plan to take at least 1 month off, starting from last week.

And I have decided to make this a new yearly habit. From now on, every year I will take at least 1 month off purely for personal time — not for meditation retreats or others rigorous work, but just unplanned personal time. I find this is essential to do if you are highly creative person. You just cannot be at peak creativity 365 days of the year. That’s not a good schedule for highly creative people. Counter-intuitively, more becomes less and less becomes more. So for now I’m planning to take the entire month of December off each year, but I may adjust that in the future to some other month or even months, depending on what my psyche calls for.

Fear not, I’ll be back with more videos and new insights soon. There are literally 100s of important topics yet to cover. We just have to pace ourselves properly, as this is not a sprint but a marathon.

I will still be somewhat active on the forum, and the rest of the site will still be fully operational, so if you want to buy the book list or the Life Purpose Course, all of that still works.

Thanks for your support and for sticking with me through the highs and lows.

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