Stage Blue Pandering

By Leo Gura - June 17, 2018

Since we’re talking Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue this week, here’s a hilarious example of stage Blue propaganda in action.

See, Russia, like middle-America, is fairly conservative and traditional (stage Blue). This is largely Putin’s base. Putin (stage Red/Orange) is a very shrewd politician and master-manipulator, so he knows that stage Blue gets triggered by stage Green. So what better way to activate his base than by fear-mongering about gays coming to take over traditional Russian culture?

Does Putin really care about gays? I would bet not. But he knows his conservative base cares very much about defending Russian culture. So he tosses them a bone or two by putting on an anti-gay front. A great way to mobilize Blue is to tell them how gays are taking over the world. Interestingly, here in America we got Alex Jones doing a similar thing.

Watch this masterpiece of Spiral Dynamics manipulation:

And then of course we’ve got examples of a legit stage Blue worldview — not pandering. Take a look a how a deeply stage Blue person — in this case, the former president of Iran — reacts to the idea of gay people. In his reality, gay people do not exist!

That’s how significant the Spiral Dynamics stages are!

Here’s another example from Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

In Malawi, gays also don’t exist.

The Dark History Of Gay Conversion Therapy

The reason I focus on this gay issue is because it’s a relatively new cultural development, so we get to see cultural evolution resisted in real-time. This is how it’s always been, for over 2000 years in every country in the world. Stage Blue resisted every new progressive innovation. Today it is gays. 150 years ago it was the end of slavery. 2500 years ago it was writing. Socrates famously rejected writing as a valid means of doing philosophy on the grounds that it would rot people’s memories. (With writing, who needs to have a good memory?, Socrates reasoned.)

And even though many of today’s politicians are themselves beyond stage Blue, a large portion of their constituents is not, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see them pandering and riling up that Blue base.

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