Spiral Dynamics Case Study

By Leo Gura - April 24, 2019

Here’s a beautiful video demonstrating the difference in worldview and reality of stage Blue vs Orange/Green.

Here’s Orange/Green reacting against stage Blue.

Notice that Orange/Green simply cannot understand the stage Blue worldview because it’s biased by an unquestioned certainty in the materialist paradigm. What stage Orange/Green does not understand is that there is no such thing as objective reality, “facts”, “truth”, or “sanity”.

Stage Blue vs Orange/Green are literally inhabiting different realities which their minds are constructing. But since they do not understand that their mind constructs reality, they assume that their reality is the one “true” reality while the other side is literally insane. This notion of insanity plays a pivotal function in their worldview because they need some way of explaining away the otherwise without actually investigating it. By calling the other side “insane” it automatically absolves you from having to seriously question your notion of “real”.

What needs to be realized is that however you think reality is, you’re making that up! “No Leo, I’m not making it up. You’re crazy!” << You just made that up! Lol. See? Your metaphysical assumptions become your reality, no matter how crazy, unreasonable, or false they are. So if you believe there is an objective external reality, that becomes your reality. But it is not true in any absolute sense. Your mind is making reality up as you go along. Including, of course, the denial that you do so.

There actually is no firm boundary between a crazy worldview and a reasonable one. That duality collapses upon deep examination.

Without deeply understanding this you will never understand what reality is, how it works, or why humans behave as they do. For you there will always be stuff that happens in the world which seems totally batshit crazy. But it only appears that way from your POV because your worldview is inadequate at accounting for other worldviews. As a rule of thumb, any time you see something crazy happening in the world, that’s a clue that you don’t understand it deeply enough. The mind uses the judgment “that’s crazy” as a cop-out.

With all that said, some people are exceptionally deluded.

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