Selling Conspiracies Is Big Business

By Leo Gura - January 10, 2022

A lot of gullible folks have jumped on the anti-mainstream media bandwagon by rationalizing that mainstream media, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and corporations cannot be trusted because all they care about is maximizing profits. However, what these conspiracy theorists don’t realize is that alternative media is MORE corrupt than mainstream media. The selling of conspiracy theories is not some innocent pursuit of truth for truth’s sake — it’s a huge underground business that allows people who would otherwise be poor or mentally ill to rake in tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. Realize that alternative and independent media has even less integrity and checks and balances than mainstream media and giant corporations. Because it’s easier for someone like Alex Jones to get away with low integrity behavior than it is for a corporation like CNN or Merck. It’s not an accident that low integrity people are attracted to conspiracy theories. These theories are attractive because they can be used to build out an entire life survival strategy, as Alex Jones has done for himself.

Think about it: if someone paid you $55 million per year to believe in some conspiracy theories, would you have the intellectual integrity to say No? Or would you start rationalizing to yourself how some of these theories might actually have merit? The notion that independent media figures like Joe Rogan are not corrupted or influenced by money, power, or fame is laughable. When you are making 7 or 8 figures per year, you will start believe whatever bullshit comes out of your mouth to earn you those 7-8 figures. This is a problem even if no corporate sponsor is directly paying you to say specific things. The peddling of conspiracy theories and anti-mainstream media perspectives draws in and riles up a huge crowd, which is then directly converted into $$$. This is the anti-mainstream grift. This grift is so sneaky that even the people doing it don’t realize they are grifting. Because the mind does not see ideologies which serve its survival as a grift, it sees it as “merely me speaking truth to power”.

The sad reality is that you can make more money telling a large crowd of fools exactly what they want to hear than even CNN makes off advertising from big oil and big pharma companies. If fucking is the world’s oldest profession, selling ideology to gullible fools in the name of truth is the second oldest.

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