Sapolsky On Chaos & Emergence

By Leo Gura - July 5, 2021

This is an amazingly profound set of lectures. The 2nd one especially, but it builds off of the 1st, so you should watch them both.

Part 1 — Chaos & Reductionism:

Part 2 — Emergence & Complexity

This is an example of science done well, from a stage Yellow perspective. It shows you some of the limitations of classical science and how science is evolving. I have not yet covered chaos theory and fractals, but I will in the future and this is a good primer. You should learn the difference between linear and non-linear systems. This set of lectures sets a nice foundation for my series on Holons, Holism, and Holistic Thinking. Think of this as an intro to holism, but merely an intro. To fully grasp its significance you gotta watch and contemplate my holism videos.

And then stay tuned for my future videos on Chaos Theory and Fractals, which will tie everything together with nondual epistemology and metaphysics. And then Evolution and Creativity will tie things together even further!

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