San Diego Enlightenment Intensive

By Leo Gura - October 3, 2017

My friend Joseph Rubano is hosting his annual Enlightenment Intensive in the San Diego area on October 19-23rd 2017.

An Enlightenment Intensive is a hardcore 3 day retreat where you do nothing but self-inquiry exercises all day long, for 3 solid days! Good meals and housing is provided.

If you’re serious about enlightenment, this is one of the best ways to make a lot of progress quickly.

If you’re near San Diego, or even want to fly in for the weekend, it’s worth the trip, even if you have to fly cross-country. Joseph is a master with decades of experience guiding people. I’ve attended his intensive in the past.

It’s a very intimate, small group setting. 10 spots left out of the maximum 16. The pricing is very reasonable and flexible. This is not a commercial operation, and this is not an advertisement. I get no money from this. I just wanted to share this opportunity with you.

To learn more about it contact Joseph Rubano at his website.

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