Royalty & Monarchy Is Toxic

By Leo Gura - January 13, 2023

Prince Harry’s autobiography tell-all book is finally being released and it paints an ugly picture of the inner workings of British Royalty. I have never been one to follow the tabloids about the British Royal Family — I’ve always seen it as nonsense on stilts — but this account is worth reading into because it shows you how corrupting royalty is to the mind and why it should simply not exist.

Read this nice Vox summary of the book.

There is nothing worse for one’s personal and spiritual development than being raised in the lap of luxury, wealth, and privilege. And worse of all is being raised into royalty. You may think it would be like winning the lottery, but unearned wealth, fame, and power are a very toxic thing to the mind, feeding all its weaknesses, biases, and pettiness.

Royalty shouldn’t exist not merely because it is grossly unfair to hard-working people all around the world, but because it is even toxic to those inside the family. Royalty is not a proper position for anyone in the world because it is fundamentally anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian, anti-meritocractic, and anti-spiritual. Nobody on this planet deserves to be royalty because fundamentally everyone is of equal spiritual worth. No one should be born into any special positions of privilege, nor should anyone even be allowed to work their way into such positions. These positions are designed for nothing but ego and simply shouldn’t exist.

The very concept & structure of royalty is one of the greatest scams perpetrated on the human race. It is the spiritual duty of any wise & developed individual to quit any schemes of royalty they were born under. In not doing so they are cowards and frauds, and they should be look upon as fools. Anyone wearing a royal hat — unless it’s a Halloween costume — is to be mocked and ridiculed until they feel embarrassed for thinking that this ploy would actually fool anyone.

One of the best decisions you can make in your life is to reject the pursuit of luxury & status. Simply make the decision to reject them once and for all, and never look back. You will have lost nothing, I promise. There is nothing that will kill your happiness & spiritual development more than the desire for luxury & status. Do not get ensnared by these frivolous fabrications of man. Focus instead on your existential connection to life & consciousness. Focus on challenging yourself to pursue the highest levels of psychological development — this is the real crown jewel. How dumb do you have to be to think that you can replace God with a man-made hat and have a satisfying life? Happiness does not come in hat form — unless it’s one of my goofy Halloween hats!

Do not envy these high-status celebrities, politicians, and hedge fund babies. Their privileged position means that they will never become as strong, as developed, as happy, as conscious as you. The good life is not measured in luxury and comfort, it is measured in how hard you work to polish yourself into a serious, solid character. This journey requires external pressures and challenges that test you to your core — where no rich daddy can come and bail you out. Character & consciousness is forged in the furnace of emotional labor. And all that luxury and pampering is precisely the avoidance of emotional labor.

Prince/King Charles is so spoiled that he has servants prepare his toothbrush every morning by squeezing toothpaste onto it for him with white gloves. I couldn’t make this shit up! Just imagine what kind of rotten ego that must lead to. I don’t even want to know.

One of the things I’m most grateful for in life is that I was born into a relatively unprivileged immigrant family that struggled with money. Just knowing from a young age that I would have to work hard to support myself shaped the core of my character. It gave me a serious edge which I would not have if my family was financially secure. If you want to raise a good child, do not give them any more financial support then they would get in an upper middle-class family. You cannot buy good character nor psychological development for your children — which is the biggest thing they need to ace life. But you can teach it to them, by first embodying it yourself.

Be ware, the human mind & body are very prone to spoilage when not sufficiently stressed. Therefore, do not wish for the easy life and do not envy those who seem to have it easy. You are not looking for easy, you are looking for meaningful. You are looking to undertake your own personal hero’s journey, full of challenge & growth. And you don’t need any handouts or shortcuts. The journey is the reward.

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