Right Wing Watch

By Leo Gura - April 3, 2020

The RightWingWatch.org Twitter account is a jaw-dropping collection of dogma, closedminedness, and ideological stupidity. It’s really a thing of beauty. I have long wanted to make a mega-collection every closedminded ideological thing that mankind has ever said — as a teaching tool.

It’s worth studying the RightWingWatch examples in detail. If I was a university professor of philosophy or epistemology, I would have an entire course where we study the epistemic stupidities of the right wing around the globe. And it would be one of the most popular and educational courses on campus.

Anyhow… Enjoy it, but not too much

P.S. The left wing is not immune. It’s just that the right wing is in a league of stupidity all on its own.

P.P.S. What RightWingWatch.org shows is that one of the best ways to combat ignorance is simply to put it on full display until the evidence becomes so overwhelming and obvious that no decent person can deny it. This is much more effective than argumentation or debate. Just show examples of stupidity and truth will prevail. Of course you must gather your examples in a fair-minded way, without taking things out of context and without promoting a counter-ideology. So it is possible for an ideologue to abuse this method. For example, the right wing loves to cherrypick the worst examples of left wing behavior on purpose to misrepresent the left wing and make the right wing look reasonable.

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